Current example - flown in November 2019

Flying tour with more than 30 aircraft
Pilots from Argentina regularly organize tours through southern South America, in which pilots from all countries in the region take part.

In November 2019 the excursion “Navegueteando por Iguazú pasando por Arapey” took place. It began in Uruguay, led to the Iguazú waterfalls which are situated in the triangle of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay and ended in Cordoba, Argentina, with a visit to an aircraft museum.

Arapey is located in the north of Uruguay, near Salto, where there are many natural thermal springs. The Golf and Spa Hotel Altos de Arapey has its own grass runway with enough space for all the planes and helicopters that took part in the event.

The participants came from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.

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Impressions of Arapey